Renovation of worn surfaces of equipment in the metallurgical industry

  • 1 Technical University in Košice, Slovakia


The paper presents the possibilities of renovation of worn functional surfaces of roll for continuous steel casting. The cylinder was made of steel 24CrMoV55 – DIN 17240. The lifetime of the continuous casting line roll is limited by the quality of their functional surface. The worn roll is decommissioned and the extent of its damage has been assessed. Cracks are a limiting factor in deciding on its renovation. Renovation of functional surfaces of roller from a diameter of ø 200 mm is realized by technology submerged arc welding (SAW). The article presents the results of research into the quality of newly formed cladding layers. Their quality was evaluated using non-destructive and destructive tests. Based on the performed experiments, it can be stated that the used surface renovation procedure is suitable for the renovation of functional surfaces of continuous steel casting rolls.



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