Technological and economic aspects of drip irrigation of raspberries

  • 1 Institute of Soil Science, Agro-Technology and Plant Protection “Nikola Pushkarov", Sofia, Bulgaria


Drip irrigation provides a fairly even mode of moisture in the soil and, along with this, favorable air, heat, microbiology and nutrition. As a result, there is an increase in yields and an improvement in the quality of production.
In order to determine the impact of drip irrigation, on the size of the yield and the economic indicators, in the cultivation of raspberries in the soil and meteorological conditions of the area of the village of Chelopechene – Sofia researches of an everbearing variety “Lyulin” were carried out. Various options have been tested – from fully satisfying the daily needs of the culture by water, irrigation with 20% and 40% irrigation norms to non- irrigating conditions.
The results obtained in years with different security of meteorological factors show that the drip irrigation of raspberries has a positive effect on the economic indicators of its cultivation, the costs of creating the raspberry crop, the irrigation system and the cultivation of the crop are redeemed for two or three years.



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