Development of innovational technologies of agricultural machines projecting and their influence on the formation of professional competencies of agricultural engineer

  • 1 Ukraine, Vinnytsia National Agricultural University


The development of innovative technologies of designing agricultural machines and their influence on the formation of professional competencies of agroengineer is presented. The course designing topics and stages of work implementation are highlighted, which states that during designing a review and analysis of existing structures of this type is performed, the mechanical and technological properties of agricultural materials with which the machine will work (soil, seeds, fertilizers, root crops, etc.) are determined, the agrotechnical requirements and technical requirements for the car are formed, the technological scheme of the design is substantiated and the principle of its work is described, the basic technological, kinematic, hydro or pneumatic mechanical parameters, the forces acting on the working bodies, traction resistance and power consumption are determined, calculations are made for the strength of the changed structural elements, the technical passport of the machine is drawn up, the technical and economic indicators are determined, the technological scheme is drawn up, the description is made and the formula of the invention is compiled according to the requirements of the patent documents. It is noted that the successful completion of the course work on agricultural machines involves interdisciplinary connections with other disciplines, for example, such as the mechanical and technological properties of agricultural materials, the basis of engineering methods for calculation of strength and rigidity, machine parts and design principles, agriculture, the basis intellectual property, the basis of scientific research, etc. An example of an approximate algorithm for calculating and designing an agricultural machine on the example of a grain seed drill is given. The factors emphasizing the quality of preparation of agroengineering specialists, development of capabilities for performing design functions are highlighted.



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