A methodical approach to the evaluation of vibrations of passengers of electric bus 6K2 in the task of selecting a general layout and suspension

  • 1 Belarussian National Technical University, Minsk, Republic of Belarus
  • 2 Department of Agricultural, Forest and Transport Machinery, University of Life Sciences in Lublin, Poland


An improved methodological approach to assessing the vibration levels of passengers of a mobile car during its virtual tests on mathematical models in the design problem of choosing the parameters of the general layout and suspension of electric bus 6K2 is considered. When considering human vibrations in a machine, it is advisable to determine them taking into account the structure of the human body. Harmless vibration levels for different parts of the body are significantly different in amplitude and frequency. Vibration levels affecting a person be determined on the basis of two-mass and four-mass models of the human body, as recomended The International Organization for Standardization ISO. A computational experiment of parametric optimization of the suspension according to the proposed approach and criteria-rules allows you to find the required rational suspension parameters of the machine. The following considerations allow to carry out structural optimization of the layout of the passenger compartment of the electric bus, considering the effect of occupancy of the passenger compartment and schemes for random placement of passengers across the passenger compartment.



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