Examining of Water Distribution Uniformity in Drip Irrigation Systems: A Review of Various Recent Studies Worldwide

  • 1 Dept. of Farm Buildings and Irrigation, Faculty of Agriculture, University of Selçuk, Konya, Türkiye


This study was aimed to evaluate water application uniformity of emitters for drip irrigation systems. The data was obtained from our previous studies or some researches in the world relevant to watering performance of drippers. In results, reasons of poor watering performance of drip irrigation systems were inadequate design and mainly incorrect management of systems. Following recommendations were proposed for better distribution of water for crops / plants; 1- correct design and management of the systems, 2- applications of physical, chemical, and biological for preventing dripper clogging, 3- timely control of system components particularly emitters, and 4- participation of farmers courses about agricultural water management.



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