Drip-irrigated cherry plant irrigation practices in Central Anatolia region of Türkiye

  • 1 Dept. of Farm Buildings and Irrigation, Faculty of Agriculture, University of Selçuk, Konya, Türkiye


The paper aimed to research drip irrigation systems used for irrigation of cherry plants in Konya- Akşehir and Afyon-Sultandağı provinces, Türkiye in 2022 plant growing season. The overall results showed that seasonal applied water for plants were determined as 172.8 mm. The evapotranspiration of cherry plants in region during cycles Mid April- August was calculated as 513 mm. The rainfall was 149.35 mm in such period. Therefore, 190.85 mm water was met from the current soil moisture within the plant rooting depth. The cherry fruits have been harvested before the mid-June so after that period in regions, irrigation water with small amount have been applied as supplement irrigation. In that context, it is possibly to say that cherry plants in region has used much water from the water stored within the plant rooting depth during the late Autumn and winter seasons so applied water. In accordance of low irrigation water application, cherry plants have great contributions on sustainable utilization of water resources in water scant environments such Konya closed basin of Türkiye.



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