Experimental verification of the surface wettability of welds with modified topography by contact angle measurement techniques

  • 1 Technical university of Košice, Faculty of mechanical engineering, Košice, Slovakia
  • 2 Slovak Academy of Science, Institute of Materials Research, Košice, Slovakia


Paper presents experimental work focused on the application of the separating agent-lubricant SafetyLube 7815 on the surface of the tested samples: ground surface; polished surface; surface of the samples textured by laser in the mode stochastic texture mode. Duplex PVD coatings nACRo4, AlXN3 and AlTiN G were deposited on the surface. The aim of the experimental work was to approximate the breakin conditions of a new or renovated mould part for high pressure casting of aluminium alloys. The release agent-lubricant SafetyLube 7815 was applied to the surface of the specimens by dispersive spraying. The method of measuring the contact contact angle measurement, the influence of the finishing operations of the mould part surface on the surface wettability by contact angle measurement.



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