• 1 CJSC "Soligorsk Institute for problems of resources savings with Pilot production"
  • 2 Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno, Grodno, Belarus


There were studied features of the structure of composite materials on the basis of recycled thermoplastic (HDPE, LDPE, PP) modified by components of different composition and dispersion. It was established the hardening effect of the matrix of the composite with the introduction of the highly oriented fragments that preserve the structure after the completion of the technological cycle of manufacturing products by injection molding or extrusion. It was proposed the technology of thermo-mechanical combining of thermoplastic components while simultaneous modifying by components of different composition and structure. When modification of fluorinated nanoparticles ablation products is provided the effect of increasing the rate of extrusion and formation of hydrophobized surface layer of products. Nanoscale silicate modifiers (clay, tripoli, metals phosphates and oxides,) contribute to the thermodynamic compatibility of the matrix and the modifier polymer due to formation of a spatial network of physical binds in the volume of the composite. The obtaining technologies for products based on recycled composites that the parameters of deformation strength and tribological characteristics are not inferior to raw materials, but have a significantly lower cost of production.


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