Optimization of the electron beam welding of Steel 45 samples

  • 1 University of Chemical Technology and Metallurgy, Bulgaria
  • 2 Institute of Electronics, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Bulgaria


An experimental study of the geometrical characteristics of the cross sections of the thermally affected areas obtained by electron beam welding of carbon steel 45 is made. The thermally affected zone and the molten area of the welds from non-stainless steels corresponds to a zone where the physical-mechanical properties and the microstructure of the processed material are changed after the processing. The process parameters that were changed during the experiments are: welding speeds were 0.5, 1.0 and 1.5 cm/sec, the beam current was changed in the range of 30 – 133 mA and the focus position was changed from 72 mm above the sample surface to 62 mm below the sample surface. The accelerating beam voltage was 50 kV. The geometry of the weld in the cases of a deep penetrating electron beam and narrow thermally affected zone is investigated. Electron beam welding process parameter optimization is performed, based on the estimation of regression models. In such way the electron beam optical systems can be tested and the specific quality requirements for the welds obtained by electron beam welding can be fulfilled



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