Current trends in the maritime leadership training approaches

  • 1 Naval Tactics Department-Nikola Vaptsarov Naval Academy, Varna, Republic of Bulgaria


The paper presents aspects of the current trends in the maritime domain in the context of the diversity management practices and gender perspective. The relevance of the problem increases by different processes like demographic change, labor market fluctuations, shortage of high qualified maritime personnel etc. The changing maritime environment itself is high dynamic and specific. The technological processes in the fast developing maritime industry makes the profession more demanding. Various circumstances in the current globalized and competitive maritime economy challenge the successful implementation of already established practices.Considering the high level of regulation of the seafaring profession the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) put a great value on the development and implementation of new leadership training framework including effective management of the mentioned trends.Change needs time especially when it comes to values, organizational culture or habits.The paper describes some approaches for establishing, managing and changing organisational culture in the shipping industry pursuing the diversity management and gender perspective in the maritime profession.The overview of the presented functional leadership techniques with respect of orientation and retain of female personnel in the seagoing services demonstrates the need to train additional team management skills in the specific maritime environment combining and expanding them on the basis of anti-discrimation, fare ressource provision and adequate promotion which seafarers pointed out as the most common problematic issues by carrying out the duties.



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