Influence of liberalization on long-distance rail transport in the Czech Republic

  • 1 Faculty of Transportation Sciences – Czech Technical University in Prague, Czech Republic


In the Czech Republic, the rail transport market has been liberalized for several years – in addition to public services, commercial services of individual rail carriers operate too. Public services in long-distance rail transport are ordered by the Czech Ministry of Transport. In December 2019, the 10-year contract between Czech Ministry of Transport and Czech Railways will end. The approaching end of this contract was connected with great interest of other rail carriers, which led to the fact, that the Czech Ministry of Transport demanded individual long-distance rail lines in the form of so called “market consultations”. Preparing of the operational performance of individual long-distance rail lines for the needs of market consultations was a great challenge on the field of transport-planning. As a result, from December 2019 there will operate 4 different rail carriers in ordered long-distance rail transport in The Czech Republic and this situation is unique in its form and unparalleled throughout the EU.



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