Scissor lift dynamic analysis and motion regulation for the case of lifting with maximum load

  • 1 Faculty of Mechanical Engineering –University of Prishtina “Hasan Prishtina”, Kosovo


This paper deals with Dynamic analysis of Scissor Lifts during the Load Lifting to determine their dynamic behavior, find the nature of oscillations, and the regulation of lifting to minimize these oscillations and optimize the work process. During the motion processes, the lift and its main parts undergo heavy forces, moments, and oscillations. The method of research is acquiring results through design, modeling, and simulations, comparing them with analytic calculations, and looking for the optimal motion regulation of the Load Lifting. The analysis will be acquired when the Scissor lift is carrying maximum Load. The study will be concentrated in the finding the nature of dynamic forces and stresses that acts on the main parts of the lift and the extent and the form of oscillations. Results will be shown in the form of diagrams and contour views as the solution results of the tested system. Modeling and simulations will be carried using software SimWise 4D, based on the type of the Scissor Lift taken from Standard Manufacturer. Conclusions of these analyses are useful for design considerations, dynamic behavior, and safety of these types of lifts.



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