Analysis of main feedwater pump from steam power plant at three loads

  • 1 Faculty of Engineering, University of Rijeka, Croatia
  • 2 Department of maritime sciences, University of Zadar, Croatia


This paper presents results of the Main Feedwater Pump (MFP) isentropic and exergy analyses at three power plant loads. Observed MFP is a constituent component of condensate/feedwater sub-system from conventional steam power plant. In real exploitation conditions, MFP uses mechanical power higher than 3000 kW, considering all observed power plant loads. Main isentropic and exergy parameters of the MFP at various plant loads show the same general trends (increase in power plant load simultaneously increases MFP losses and efficiencies and vice versa, from both isentropic and exergy viewpoints). Analyzed MFP has high isentropic and exergy efficiencies, considering all plant loads and ambient temperatures (at any plant load MFP isentropic efficiency is higher than 85%, while the lowest MFP exergy efficiency is equal to 89.24% at the lowest observed plant load and the highest observed ambient temperature). The change in isentropic and exergy efficiency of the MFP is small if all observed plant loads and ambient temperatures are taken into consideration.



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