Study of the influence of the irrigation regime on the quantity and quality of tomatoes grown in plastic greenhouses

  • 1 Institute of Soil Science, Agro-Technology and Plant Protection “Nikola Pushkarov", Sofia, Bulgaria


To establish the influence of the irrigation regime on the quantity and quality of tomatoes grown in plastic unheated greenhouses, research was conducted in the experimental field of the Pushkarov Institute in Chelopechene, Sofia. Different irrigation regimes have been tested, keeping from fully satisfying the needs of the crop from water to irrigation with a 20% reduction and a 20% increase in irrigation norms. The control variant is irrigated at 100% realization of the irrigation norm, calculated by (E0) evaporation from a free water surface by an evaporator class “A”.
It has been established that the reduction of the irrigation norm due to the limited water supply leads to a corresponding reduction of the yield, which is not proportional to the reduction of the irrigation norm.
The quality of the obtained production – tomatoes determined by the content of dry matter, vitamin “C” and total sugars deteriorates with increasing amount of irrigation rate.



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