Ways to grow the efficiency of the harvesting and transport technological machine complex for grain crops

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The article provides a rationale for an improved technological process for transporting grain from combine harvesters (GH) by a semitrailer-dump truck (STT), combined for field work with a tractor and a saddle trailer. As a result of the analysis, it was found that the minimum specific duration of harvesting and transport operations in the field is achieved when using a semi-trailer with a tractor to work with minimal time spent on the formation of transport units using a semi-automatic fifth wheel coupling.
We offer a technical solution, which consists in the temporary redistribution of the grain mass in the back of the STT during its transportation in the field. At the same time, the rear wheels of the STT are partially unloaded and do not compact the soil, and the saddle trailer, equipped with wide-profile low-pressure tires, takes on additional load without significant soil compaction.
The use of STTs operating by the semi-shuttle method in two parts: in the field and on the road section, increases the productivity of the harvesting and transport complex in 1.5 times.



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