Theoretical investigation of the removal of halfrums from sugar beet root heads

  • 1 National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine, Kyiv, Ukraine
  • 2 Angel Kanchev University of Ruse, Bulgaria
  • 3 Khmelnytskyi National University, Khmelnytskyi, Ukraine


Removal of the haulm from the heads of sugar beet to the roots during their harvesting (cutting the main mass) or separation of its residues (when finishing the heads) is a complex technological process associated with either a significant loss of sugar-bearing mass (low cut), or not complete removal of residues (high cut), which significantly degrades the quality of root crops. Therefore, ways to find a complete removal of haulm and its residues from the heads of root crops require research and development of such devices capable of performing this process qualitatively. However, first it is necessary to determine theoretically and experimentally the basic initial conditions under which high quality indicators will be achieved, and losses of sugar-bearing mass during cutting the haulm will be minimal, with the remaining haulm being as small as possible (or they will be absent at all). This paper theoretically and experimentally investigates and determines the loss of sugar mass and remnants of the bud on the heads of sugar beet roots during the separation of the bud and its remnants. It is established that in the interval of working heights of a cut which is equal to 20 … 60 mm deviation of theoretical calculations from experimental does not exceed on the average 1%.



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