Current state of research in the field of measures regarding the prevention and combat of the freeze-thaw phenomenon of roads from the patent literature

    Innovations, Vol. 9 (2021), Issue 2, pg(s) 83-86

    Patents for inventions in the field of measures for preventing and combating the freeze-thaw phenomenon of roads address a topic related to the evolution of technology. Of particular importance is the stabilization of the substrate of the road transport route. An invention (J. Hornegger, N. Zanfir, M. Alupoaie, 2012) relates to a mixture used for the substrate of access roads and / or platforms. This invention relates to another invention (Y. Kadono, T. Nakazato, E. Miura, T. Kitamura, 1975) about a paved roadbed composed of a lower roadbed layer, an intermediate layer made of sulfur, an upper roadbed layer and a surface top layer. Another invention (D. Lee, K. Hong-joo, 2016) relates to a repairing and reinforcing ultrarapid hardening mortar composition, and to a method for repairing and reinforcing a road surface. Another invention (M. Radu, F. Radu, L. V. Pasăre, I. A. Buzuriu, P. Pârvu, C. G. Mudreţchi, C. Răcănel, A. Burlacu, V. Tiron, 2018) relates to a process for preparing ecological composite asphaltic mixtures to be used as road structures.