Analysis of operational data on the work of hydro power plant

  • 1 Technical University – Gabrovo , Republic of Bulgaria


Paper focuses on the use of renewable energy sources and in particular the use of water energy. A hydro power plant is a complex of facilities and equipment for converting the energy of the water flow into electrical energy. The advantages of hydro power plants are obvious – a supply of energy constantly renewed by nature itself, simplicity of operation, absence of environmental pollution. Taking into account the growing role of small and medium-sized enterprises in the economic development, both of an individual country and on a global scale, as well as the widespread orientation towards the use of renewable energy sources in the production of electricity, the main goal of the current development is the analysis of the operation of the electrical part of a specific hydro power plant with small power. Statistical processing of operational data on the change of certain variables was carried out. In conclusion, it is summarized that the hydro power plant under consideration has good operational indicators.



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