Decade of road markings and traffic signs quality testing in Croatia

    Trans Motauto World, Vol. 7 (2022), Issue 1, pg(s) 25-29

    With more than 1.35 million fatalities worldwide each year, road crashes are among the world’s most significant public health and injury prevention problems. In the last decade, with the new technological breakthroughs, a significant effort has been devoted to improving different safety systems related to infrastructure and vehicles. Road marking and road signs represent main road elements whose main task is to provide timely and necessary information to the drivers related to the upcoming situation. In other words, they warn and inform drivers about the conditions and construction characteristics of the road, guide road users through the traffic network and regulate traffic in a safe way. Therefore, continuous monitoring and testing of their quality is of great importance for road safety in general. The a im of this paper is to present Croatian experience regarding the quality testing of road markings and signs in last decade. Overall, the analysis confirmed that systematic control of road markings and signs will positively affect their quality and optimize maintenance activities


    Sterile Manufacturing Quality Control Methods in the Medical Products Industry

    Industry 4.0, Vol. 6 (2021), Issue 6, pg(s) 211-214

    Manufacturing of medical products is a very wide market. Many steps must be taken to ensure that produced product is sterile and safe and efficient to use for the customer. All manufacturing system from production floor to the type of sterilization must comply with required standards and regulatory. Every step of introducing new product to the production to routine production itself must be well documented and justified to be able to release the product to the market for human consumption. This paper presents information of production area requirements for medical devices, sterilization methods and sterilization indicators, briefly overlooks the q uality control of such processes and the effectiveness of it.

  • Quality Control of the Concrete Pavement Constructions for Mother Theresa Airport

    Materials Science. Non-Equilibrium Phase Transformations., Vol. 6 (2020), Issue 3, pg(s) 88-89

    Nowadays, roads and airports are the most used ways of communication to connect people to each other inside and outside of Albania. Based on it, infrastructure has been a key parameter to develop economy and social life of Albania. The request of the people to use the roads and airports is increasing every year which has made the government to concentrate on the infrastructure improvement and development. The most common problem comes from Mother Theresa airport due to non-formal management control. Due to it, our research work will be focused on the quality control of the concrete pavement constructions of the Mother Theresa Airport.

  • Metrological control

    Machines. Technologies. Materials., Vol. 13 (2019), Issue 5, pg(s) 214-216

    In the present publication some basic principles of methodology for analysis of the IMS (Intelligent Measurement Systems) and CMS (Classic Measurement Systems) both in the field of quality control and measurement technology are discussed. It focuses on the recent problems in the regular calibration (checking) of measurement systems. The methods concerns the optimal periods between different measurements and show the economic effects. Some problems of the metrological assurance of IMS (Intelligent Measurement Systems) and CMS (Classic Measurement Systems) are considered and analyzed. Calculations of (recommended) calibration intervals based on actual data for failures of metering devices are presented.



    Industry 4.0, Vol. 3 (2018), Issue 2, pg(s) 62-65

    This research considers the problem of sequential quality control and presents different methods for the quick detection, with low false alarm rate, of a change in a stochastic system. The paper focuses on recently proposed control schemes called Nested Plans. These schemes include two unknown parameters that essentially impact their efficiency. The research presents a way to find the optimal values of the parameters, and shows that Nested Plans with the correct choice of the parameters are very efficient, robust and simple for practical applications.



    Science. Business. Society., Vol. 2 (2017), Issue 2, pg(s) 83-84

    The concept of quality control is becoming more and more important in the field of official statistics. In the last decade many national institutes of statistics adopted a systematic approach to quality. The paper deals with the issue of applying the concept of statistical process control (SPC) to official statistics. Process approach allows developing and improving the effectiveness and efficiency of a quality management system to meet the needs of all stakeholders. In the paper we focus on:

    – Identification of statistical processes and establishment of links between them and

    – Tools and methods for managing the statistical processes.