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    • Modification of the interior of a passenger car for the needs of fisherman

      pg(s) 32-35

      The main objective of the paper is to design a structure for the interior of the Hyundai ix20 passenger car, which is used by recreational fishing enthusiasts. The authors set out to use the luggage compartment (boot) of the vehicle appropriately for the placement of the multifunctional folding structure. The structure is designed to allow the most effective utilization of each of its components. The individual parts of the structure can, for example, be employed to assemble a table. Moreover, it is suitable for storing things needed for fishing, camping, and travelling. An integral part of the arrangement is a folding bed for two people. One of the design purposes was the comfort and uncomplicated operation of the entire structure by the user. The authors attended to carry out the modification without any interference into the interior or exterior of the vehicle. In addition, one of the conditions was to ensure free access to the components of the mandatory equipment of the car. The authors designed the structure in order to ensure the simple handling of its individual parts along with its simple installation in and removal from the vehicle. From the point of view of safety, a calculation of the stressed parts of the bed structure was performed. Thus, the structure was designed and constructed with regard to minimising the reduction of the original vehicle luggage compartment. In addition, the condition of no interference into the interior or exterior of the vehicle was met.

    • Investigation of the causes to autotruck cooling jacket defects

      pg(s) 36-39

      Defects in the cooling jacket occur for a variety of reasons. This type of details works in severe heat load conditions – fluctuating fluid pressure, mechanical friction and corrosion. The reason for appearance of defects in auto truck engines is often the type of material from which their individual parts are made. For various reasons, they are susceptible to the influence of natural wear, material fatigue and the complex action of many physical and chemical fast-flowing processes.
      One of the main parts of internal combustion engines is the cooling jacket. This part operates under severe thermal stress conditions caused by mechanical friction in contact with the piston, fluctuating pressure where the refrigerant fluid moves, and corrosive action from that same fluid containing antifreeze. The listed factors require the material from which this part is made to have strength and good wear and corrosion resistance – prerequisites for a long service life.
      Therefore, it is important to identify the exact causes of cooling jacket defects and to found ways to prevent them.
      The examined details are analyzed by standard methods for chemical and metallographic analysis, as well as for mechanical tests.

    • Self-Excited Acoustic System: enhancing quality control

      pg(s) 40-42

      This article discusses the use of self-excited acoustical systems (SAS) for the non-invasive and quick study of aluminium castings used in the automotive industry. The SAS system is incorporated into the industry 4.0 standard production line and provides valuable insights into the quality and reliability of the aluminium castings. This approach is innovative and aims to enhance the efficiency of the production process.


    • Tools for calculating the emission of pollutants in transport

      pg(s) 43-46

      Increasing the volume of transport requirements increases the consumption of propellants and emissions of pollutants. Calculation and monitoring of pollutant emissions and energy consumption with the aim of reducing the negative impact on the environment and thus choosing the best transport route and means of transport for a particular transport task is a step towards a solution that can be applied to reduce emissions. The development of software tools for calculating energy consumption and pollutant emissions is conditioned by the precision of the defined methodology used for the calculation. This paper presents the possibilities of using tools for calculating pollutant emissions in transport.

    • Assessment of the risk of adverse events in aviation accidents

      pg(s) 47-48

      The probability of flying safely in an adverse event situation is related to the probability of being hit and surviving it. Assessing the hazard of adverse events is an important task in aviation accident prevention. The correct quantitative determination of the potential danger of an event allows timely and targeted development of preventive measures: the introduction of new or improvement of old technology, training in actions under certain conditions, etc.

    • Different aspects influencing modal split, from view of sustainable development and reducing of greenhouse gas emissions

      pg(s) 49-52

      This paper focuses on actual knowledge of the effects of changes in infrastructure on modal split of different transport modes, as well as on knowledge of long-term evolution of modal split in areas with dynamic development of transport systems. Further it focuses on studies on relations between modal split and greenhouse emissions and on studies on social factors influencing travel behaviour. Important part of this article are summarisations of articles about changes of travel behaviour of inhabitants of locations, where was opened new transport infrastructure, with focus on new infrastructure intended for public transport.

    • Analysis of pedestrian road safety in the Republic of Croatia

      pg(s) 53-56

      Pedestrians are a special category of road traffic participants. The special feature of pedestrian traffic is that it is accessible to everyone, regardless of age or knowledge of traffic. Pedestrians do not usually wear protective clothing and have a low and vulnerable position on the road compared to other road users. In road accidents involving pedestrians, 96% of those involved were injured due to inadequate pedestrian protection. Pedestrians are responsible for about 20% of all road traffic fatalities, although the proportion of road accidents involving pedestrians is only 4%. This shows that pedestrians are an extremely vulnerable group of participants. Therefore, this paper presents an analysis of all traffic accidents involving pedestrians in a five-year period in the Republic of Croatia. It is analysed in which locations and for what reasons traffic accidents occur in which pedestrians suffer fatal consequences. The analysis is conducted so that the micro-locations where pedestrian accidents occur can be further investigated.

    • New temptations in the auto world in post-covid era

      pg(s) 57-58

      Misfortunes bring people together. Wars, the Covid pandemic, pollution of the environment in which we live. According to a report from “Lancet”, nine million people die from pollution every year. The number of deaths from air pollution and chemical pollution has increased by 60% over the past two decades. Climate change took its toll in 2022 as well (floods, fires, earthquakes, drought and heat, melting glaciers). Uncontrolled urbanization and population growth are also causes. The number of people killed and injured in traffic accidents has also increased. It doesn’t have to be driven faster than life.
      The war in Ukraine has been going on for a long time. The Russian auto industry will develop without Western partners (“Lada” model). Several of the largest German car manufacturers have decided to padlock their plants in Russia.
      During September 2022, a rally was held in Serbia through four cities, Aranđelovac, Topola, Mladenovac and Belgrade. About 50 timeless vehicles visited these cities. There is also a small museum in Arandjelovac where the oldest car is a “Dodge” from 1924, a “Willys” from 1927, a “Chevrolet” from 1928, a “Pontiac” from 1929 and a “Mercedes” from 1934. Passing the Law on Old-timers will contribute to the preservation and increase of this cultural treasure, and it will make registration and acquisition easier for the owners.
      In the new 2023. year, representatives of the Independent Trade Union of the “Fiat Chrysler Cars” factory (FCA) in Kragujevac announced on January 9th that they expect preparations for the start of electric vehicle production to continue with greater intensity in the new year. At the same time, the well-known “Tesla” company was fined about 2.2 million dollars, because it did not inform its customers of electric vehicles about the shorter driving range of their electric vehicles at low temperatures. The American electric vehicle maker’s coldweather driving range drops up to 50.5% compared to how they are advertised online (no mention of range loss in sub-zero temperatures).


    • Effect of adding hydrogen to a primary fuel on enjine operating modes

      pg(s) 59-60

      Hydrogen has a good environmental performance, high energy characteristics, high burning rate and low ignition temperature. In case of using hydrogen as a primary fuel in an internal combustion engine, there is a drop in power and detonation combustion at high load modes, so hydrogen is best used in a composition with the primary fuel.
      In the mode of partial load, the hydrogen content in the fuel mixture decreases, and it should decrease as the load increases, and in the mode of full load, its amount is minimal, which will allow us to maintain the power characteristics, otherwise the power will decline. The main thing is to know in which mode what should be the ratio of hydrogen and the primary fuel, which ensures the normal flow of the operation process, which will result in primary fuel economy and reducing the toxicity of exhaust gases.
      Based on the studies conducted, we can conclude that it is preferable for the engine to work with a high content of hydrogen in the fuel
      mixture at no load and at light loads, its concentration should decrease as the load increases.