Investigation of the dependence of axial force and torque on the geometric parameters of carbide micro-drills with variable slopes of spiral grooves

  • 1 Faculty of Transportation and Mechanical Engineering – Georgian Technical University (GTU), Tbilisi – Georgia
  • 2 High Technical Mechanical School of Professional Studies, 37240 Trstenik - Serbia; SaTCIP Publisher Ltd., 36210 Vrnjačka Banja – Serbia


Micro-drilling (MD or мD) is type of machining (processing) technology used for the drilling of miniaturized parts of small diameter in micro-scale, ie. diameter in a range of a few microns to several hundred microns. In paper is given the dependence of axial efforts and torque on different modes of depth of drilling in micro-drilling with micro-drills from solid alloy VK60M with standard rake angle ω=300 and f=0.01 [mm/turn



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