Optimization of the formation of coating layers in mould renovation

  • 1 Technical University of Košice, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Košice, Slovakia
  • 2 Slovak Academy of Science, Institute of Materials Research, Košice, Slovakia


Paper presents results of an investigation aimed at determining optimum properties of the additive materials used. Laser welding technology was used for the creation of the clads. Single-layer clads with additive materials Dievar (1.2343), Dratec (1.6356) and UTPA 702 (1.6356) were realized on plates of Dievar material which were heat-treated to a hardness of 45-48 HRc. Their chemical compositions differed in the contents of C, Si, and Mn. The primary objective was to verify the possibilities of innovative use of additive materials based on maraging steels. The quality of the maraging agents was evaluated by stucture and EDX analysis in each selected maraging agent spectra. Due to the influence of the used surfacing technology and parameters, there was only minimal mixing of the surfacing metal with the base material, which is in agreement with the measured HAZ values. Using the energy beam laser welding method, there was no burning of the elements during their transfer to the filler metal, as occurs with arc methods. No oxidation or contamination of the additive metal due to insufficient protection of the cladding site was observed.



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