Study of the radial shear rolling effect on the gradient microstructure formation in technical titanium and mechanical properties changes

  • 1 Rudny Industrial Institute, Rudny, Kazakhstan
  • 2 Nazarbayev University, Astana, Kazakhstan
  • 3 Ural Federal University, Yekaterinburg, Russia


The work is devoted to experimental studies of the influence of radial shear rolling on the microstructure evolution of the VT-1 titanium alloy and its gradient distribution over the cross section, as well as changes in mechanical properties. In the course of the conducted studies, two different types of microstructure were obtained. At the periphery of the bar near the surface, a relatively equiaxed ultrafine-grained structure with a grain size of 300-600 nm was obtained, while in the axial zone of the bar, an oriented striped texture was obtained. The resulting structure difference of the peripheral and central zones indicates the gradient nature of the structure distribution. This type of distribution is confirmed by the results of the microhardness study over the cross section of a bar rolled to a diameter of 15 mm. The ultimate strength after deformation increased by 58%, while the elongation decreased by 15%.



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