Opportunities for determining factors affecting the development of intelligent security systems models

  • 1 Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Institute of Metal Science Equipment and Technologies with Hydro- and Aaerodynamics Centre “Acad. A Balevski”, Sofia, Bulgaria


Contemporary security challenges require the creation of a continuous and manageable process that guarantees the survival and sustainability of the organization’s core activities before, during and after a devastating event. This means that it is necessary to manage the organization’s activities, resources, personnel, impact on its functioning and countless risks. Significant contribution in this direction provides intelligent security systems.
Thanks to rapid technological progress it is possible to be developed sophisticated security systems able to integrate heterogeneous sources that can monitor, control and manage the security environment of the organization, which is potentially at risk. But the combination of different technologies is not sufficient to significantly increase the level of security and the approach to the integrity of system elements, and compatibility with other systems management organization are basic factors for success in this direction.



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