Implementation of UAV for environment monitoring of a Smart City with an airspace regulation by AIXM-format data streaming

  • 1 Lviv Polytechnic National University, Lviv, Ukraine


One of the most expected and the most desired implementation of modern technologies is the concept of a Smart City. Meanwhile there are many buzz-words known to describe the ability of implementation of many approaches to provide control for Smart City. Many of such technologies had become known for Industry 4.0 concept, including 5G mobile Internet and autonomous aerial vehicles (so called drones). Nevertheless, there is an open question of how to provide and support limits where and when UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) should be able or not to fly over the city. Naturally, the self-driven drones equipped with a batch of sensors and able to avoid some  obstacles would not be enough for everyday use within Smart City. Current paper is focused on discussion of possible solution to provide UAV with up-to-date data on restrictions, that may be required in a modern city.



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