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    • Study on the possibilities for the industrial water purification from heavy metal ions

      pg(s) 44-46

      Among the various methods for water purification and treatment from contaminated industrial pollutants, one of the most used is the adsorption methods based on activated carbons. The purpose of our study is to investigate the correlation between the porous texture and chemical nature of the surface and sorption capacity of the activated carbon, obtained based on lignite coal. The object of the study is also to determine its effectiveness as a sorbent for Cd-ions purification of contaminated industrial water. The obtained data from the conducted investigation show that the adsorbent based on such kind of activated carbon has good qualities for water purification from various pollutants and heavy metals


    • Analysis and prospects of cruise tourism in the east Black sea region: the case of Georgia

      pg(s) 47-50

      Once a part of the Soviet Union, a backwater country, Georgia in a couple of years flips the script and rushes into tourism industry as one of the most popular emerging destinations on the Black Sea coast. With unprecedented number of tourists spotlighted by the leading international journals Georgia wins hearts of millions and becomes a revelation for the USA and Western EU countries.
      This paper assesses current situation in Batumi Port that serves small cruise ships and explores potentials of cruise tourism development based on statistics, industry experts and investors reviews. The article uses a mixed method, a combination of qualitative and quantitative data analysis.
      The findings show how Black Sea region will benefit from country’s cruise tourism development. Results of the study can be applied as basis for investment analysis of Georgian cruise industry

    • Monitoring of the quality of ambient air using high volume air sampler

      pg(s) 51-55

      The quality of ambient air is a noticeable demonstration because the ambient air plays a cardinal preface on the human activities and most of environmental processes. The monitoring of the quality of air is an important part of the pollution control because the ambient air was confirmed as an affected branch on the earth from both anthropogenic activities and natural phenomena. In the existing investigation, there were expected to test the selected important air quality parameters of the ambient air at around the Peradeniya region in Sri Lanka which is known as relatively populous region with the traffic. The ambient air samples were collected through a glass fiber filter paper which was attached to the high volume air sampler and both PM10 concentration and concentration total suspended particles (TSP) of the ambient air were determined using weight differences of air collection bottle and filter paper. Beside of that the lead (Pb) concentrations and NOX concentrations of the ambient air were investigated using hot acid extraction method while having the contribution of atomic absorption spectrometer (AAS) and of absorbing method in to a liquid with the aid of UV- visible spectrometer. As the results, there were obtained 0.0141 ppm of PM10 concentration, 0.0214 ppm of total suspended particles (TSP) concentration, 0.151 μg/m3 of NOX concentration and 0.015μg Pb/ m3 of lead (Pb) concentration of the ambient air at around the Peradeniya region at that moment. When comparing of those results with the air quality standards and norms, it was identified the non hazardous atmosphere at the selected region at that occasion.